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Reader reviews for Rob James' debut novel - Fall from Grace.

What a fantastic read! I experienced every emotion possible.  I will never forget Grace’s story. (Angela K)


An absolutely gripping story with remarkable personalities. (Delia)

I really enjoyed reading Fall from Grace.  The story unfolds so well and ends appropriately. Even the Appendices were excellent! (PMcA)


I started reading this book after lunch on Monday and could not put it down until I’d finished in the early hours of Tuesday morning! The style of writing is superb and the book is a real page turner.  By the end, one had the feeling that they had got to know Grace and her family in a beautiful way – and I had a tear in my eye many a time.  It’s a story of hope and the human spirit. (DK)


What a cracking story! It’s got all the elements.  There’s so much to like! The writing style is really good, it takes us into the psychology of the key characters. The description of the Irish landscape took me right back there. Excellent story telling with a lot of research and planning. There is the grist of life and making the best of the hand that Fate has given. It really is a special story of one woman, yet it is also universal.  (TS)


Written intelligently and well, painting evocative word pictures.  The book is packed with historical information and lavishly describes the Irish countryside and village lore. It sensitively deals with characters and their deeds.  (JR)


Made you think on the bigger features of life.  A truly remarkable woman.  Excellent summaries of WWII, I hadn’t realised Belfast had taken such a pounding! (DJ)


What a story!  The short chapters made for an easy read.  I can see why the author was moved to put this astonishing story on record. (PH)


As I read this book I was enthralled by Grace’s life and wanted to know it all – to the very end! (PH)



A great read, very difficult to put down.  (Mavis Philips)



Had me hooked from the very first chapter.  I absolutely loved this book.  (Karen McWilliams)


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