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by Rob James

A haunting novel, inspired by a remarkable woman’s journey through life and her universal story of hope

Everyone it seems, has their share of dark secrets, either their own, or buried in the annals of their family history. 

This book is centred around some of those momentous secrets. 


Secrets that, from the outset, threatened to rip a family apart. 


Ultimately, they challenged the very spirit of human kindness, hope and endeavour. 

An intriguing tale of Grace, the decisions she made and decisions made for her, that unfold in a most unexpected and surprising way.

ISBN 978-0-473-63558-9

Fall from Grace

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Fall from Grace is published in the UK and Ireland by Shanway Press.

New Zealand readers can purchase a signed copy directly from the author for NZ$29 + P&P.


All net profits from the sale of Fall from Grace will be donated in New Zealand to Women’s Refuge; in the UK and Ireland, to Women’s Aid. If any readers feel they would also like to donate, they can do so by clicking the links below:

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