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Rob James


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A haunting novel, inspired by a remarkable woman’s journey through life and her universal story of hope 

Mourne Mountains. Photo sourced from Unsplash (photographer K. Mitch Hodge.)

Fall  from Grace

‘The children grew up with Grace’s nightmares, never knowing the reasons for them until years later.’

The story is set in rural Northern Ireland, mainly from the time of the first world war through to the late 1960s, before the Troubles began.    

It gently unfolds within an historical and cultural context, slowly unravelling mysteries and the truth behind Grace’s nightmares.  There are powerful emotions, dark family secrets, raging ambitions, despairing curses, stolen love, conflicts and banishment.  Yet somehow there is also a sense of enduring love and hope that prevails throughout. 

There is a parallel tale of Mad Maude, a strange young woman whose turbulent marriage and wild erratic behaviours will have far reaching effects on all those around her, especially Grace.  

Native Irish humour and tranquil moments in nature are also woven within this at times challenging book. With a backdrop of ever-present tensions and strong societal pressures and cultural connections, the underlying psychology of the main characters is explored and revealed and motives laid bare. 

Grace’s stoicism and her persistence against the odds is ultimately an uplifting universal story.


All net profits from the sale of Fall from Grace will be donated in New Zealand to Women’s Refuge; in the UK and Ireland, to Women’s Aid. If any readers feel they would also like to donate, they can do so by clicking the links below:



A great read, very difficult to put down.

Mavis Philips

Had me hooked from the very first chapter. I absolutely loved this book.

Karen McWilliams

What a fantastic read! I experienced every emotion possible. I will never forget Grace's story.

Angela K.

the Author

Rob James author.png

One of eight children, Rob was born and grew up in rural Northern Ireland. He moved to Coventry, England as a teenager, and went on to reside in Kuwait for a decade before relocating to New Zealand. Rob had a career in international corporate organisations before retiring from paid occupation to take on voluntary service. He was invited to pioneer the introduction of practical philosophy courses into New Zealand prisons for high security risk prisoners.  


Rob’s humour, love of nature, practical philosophy, and his search for a deeper understanding of people and life, is reflected in his writing. Read more...



Rob James

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